Does anyone actually like Sharleen Joynt for Juan Pablo? They are actually driving me crazy, what about you?

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The Bachelor 2014 Recap of the Juan Pablo and Sharleen Joynt Date

Note: This episode aired on January 27 2014

The date card read “Are you my Seoul Mate?” Because the rest of the girls are idiots, Sharleen got to feel like a rocket scientist when she simply said, “I think we will explore Seoul.” Wow. Genius level. She looks so unenthusiastic that she could fit right in at a funeral right now and look normal. THAT IS HER FACE AND HER TONE. Shes’ like “yea. Sure.” And the other girls are trying to mentally stab her with pretend forks.

Unfortunately, most of Bachelor Nation isn’t a fan of Sharleen. And neither am I. She seems like a spy who has to stay on the show no matter what, no matter how much she dislikes Juan Pablo. And because she’s the only one playing hard to get like this, Pablo is going after her the most. BASIC PSYCHOLOGY STUFF.

Here’s basically what they’re thinking/saying:

Sharleen: Man, this boy better make me fall in love with him tonight because I am just not feeling this. Where are the fireworks? I’ll play along, but I’m so bored.
Juan Pablo: She’s my favorite. She’s the best. Look how fancy with the singing and the proper ways!
Audience: BOOOOOOO.

During the date, the duo walk around Seoul. Guess Sharleen was a mind reader. They shop and have tea and are boring.

Things get a little more exciting when Juan Pablo takes her to a courtyard, and asks her to sing for him. She plays coy and shy and WHATICOULDNEVER, but then does. And she morphs it into a kissing moment. (Cause the girl ain’t dumb.) Bugt we’ve seen the singing and kissing before. SO NOW COMES THE ACTION.

Guess who doesn’t want kids? Well, Juan Pablo is feeling that night and he brings up the question of kids. How many does Sharleen want? UHM. She doesn’t really like kids. She’s dated someone with a 4-year-old and didn’t enjoy it. This is Juan Pablo, the guy who is talking about his daughter 24/7. All these other women talk about how they think they’d be good for Camelia. But Sharleen isn’t at all into kids. Naturally, Juan Pablo says it’s a dealbreaker and let’s Sharleen go without a rose. JUST KIDDING.

He gives her a rose and says she’s so great for being honest, and apparently just being away from his daughter for a little bit means he’s forgotten that this is an adventure to find a wife and a Mom and stuff. Now he just wants Sharleen, no matter what. (Gross.)

It’s confusing. Are you confused? Does her being the opposite of all the other girls seem to play into her favor?

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REACT: Does anyone actually like Sharleen Joynt for Juan Pablo? Will he keep her around much longer? Was he just being nice in giving her a rose tonight as to not seem like a jerk? How much will you scream if she’s one of the finalists? WHAT IF HE PROPSES TO HER. WHAT IF SHE SAYS, “uuuh, sure” like on the first rose night!? There are just so many questions I have.