With his Abercrombie good looks, Josiah Hawley proved he’s more than just a good head of hair. And then Blake proved he … can’t do his hair, at all.


Josiah Hawley – He met his wife when he as 18, at church. Pretty sweet, right? Right. And look, it doesn’t hurt that he’s so attractive. (And he definitely knows it…) He’s actually a model. “Music’s my heart,” he admitted, though. His wife said he belongs on a stage singing because that’s where his heart is. And Josiah decided he wanted to sing one of the judge’s songs and take that risk to be challenged. The song he choose was “Sunday Morning.”

Adam wondered if it was his song for a second, and then Blake grinned and turned around. Then Usher. (With his signature knee and hand up.)

Adam said his song choice was very bold, but he heard a great voice overall. Blake said he heard a guy that was badass. “And your hair is badass, also.” (Seriously, it was.) And then Blake tried to make his hair do the same thing…to…little success. (But much, much hilarity.) Usher said he didn’t have enough hair to do that hair trick, but he was interested in being a mentor for Josiah. “If you want the truth, you should be on my team,” he added.

“You could pick one of these guys and loose, or you could pick me…and win,” Adam insisted.

What do you guys think, are you happy he went with TEAM USHER?