Josiah Hawley lent his good looks and big talent to “Back to Black” on The Voice 2013.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

Song Choice:
“Back to Black”
Amy Winehouse

He wanted to make the song his own. But would he succeed?

Usher said he had to work on telling the story, and sharing the experience. “The most important part…is really being vulnerable. People want to feel like there’s a sincerity…”

“I’ve gotta stay so I can keep growing an artist.” – Josiah

He smolders, and I know a lot of you ladies have a crush on him. No shame in that!

Shakria said he looks like her boyfriend.

Adam said that a Winehouse song is hard for a guy to do without the sexy, smokey tones.

“It did seem… and I hate to say this…a little bit calculated. Loosen it up.” – Blake

“I felt the grit.” – Usher


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