While hanging outside of his house (I pictured him laying out like Ferris Bueller) and having just shot for episode 11 (with only two more left to shoot)  Joshua Gomez took part in a conference call to discuss all things Morgan in Chuck season 5. The focus, of course, was on the “new” Morgan, the one with that pesky intersect in his brain.

Humble, and eager to shout out credit to other familiar names – Chris Fedak, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski – Gomez also spoke highly of the fans (whom there are too many to name.) And yes, he mentioned Chuckfest 3!

joshua gomez Fans have known him as the lovable, goofy character of Morgan Grimes. But he’s been pretty … different, recently. And This Friday an all know Chuck season 5 episode airs, one in which Gomez has blonde tips (don’t worry, it’s all fake, cut from a wig!) in “Chuck vs the Frosted Tips.” See, a bad hairstyle choice doesn’t just indicate bad taste for Morgan, this time it means he’s making some bad life decisions. When last we left him, he was joining up with Verbanski Corp and leaving Team Carmichael in the proverbial dust.

Morgan has always been such a loyal friend, that it’s odd to see him act so selfishly. Now that he can Zoom it “really tests the boundaries of Chuck and his friendship.” The fact that Morgan can’t currently remember who Indiana Jones or Luke Skyler is? “That ain’t cool in Morgan’s World.” Something’s wrong with him. “His whole attitude and demeanor is a little bit aggressive. Something is wrong. So that kind of comes to a head in ‘Chuck vs the Frosted Tips.’ Something is very wrong when you actually see my hair. But some people like it, though. I’ll go out on a limb and say some people find it fetching. Myself? I’m not one of those people”

As for future plans, Gomez is working on something with his brother, Rick Gomez, which is currentlyin the editing stages. “Then it’s just business as usual,” Gomez says, referencing the way Rocky would get back to the gym. Hint: For new pilots currently in the stages of development, consider Gomez – fans will follow.

People love to talk about the guest stars on Chuck. Well, Gomez gushed a bit about Carrie Ann-Moss. (Exclusive: Vik Sahay is also especially taken with Moss!) Even though this actress talks about her kids on set and is a “total pro, a total sweetheart” Gomez says he’s enamored with her character, Trinity, from “Matrix”. Does he think about her in the black vinyl outfit? …Yes. And as for guest stars throughout Chuck, Chevy Chase came to mind, but Scott Bakula was the one person Gomez really wanted to focus on. He wished he could have had more scenes with Mr. Bartowski.

How do you explain Morgan Grimes to someone? “When I first started the show, I discovered this character along with the writers. Morgan was kind of a free spirit, impetuous and kind of the captain of his own ship, “Gomez said with a wry laugh. “He’s obviously grown up and matured a ton, so he’s a little more focused now. But, still, kind of fun-loving. He’s very loyal and he’s a really good best friend. …He’d be awful in a fire fight, but he’s a good best friend.” Got it, not inviting Morgan to any fire fights. Check.

joshua gomezNot everyone loves Morgan as the intersect. At Small Screen Scoop we disagree! (Look for a piece defending Morgan as the intersect to be posted soon!) But what was Gomez’ reaction to hearing he’d become the intersect? “If memory serves me correct we were shooting 4.23 out of 4.24.” There was just one episode left! Chris Fedak and Gomez were talking, and Gomez started to worry Morgan was going to end up dead. Turns out…nope! After he read it he was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” But he was excited to change things up and try out new things. At the same time, he said, “Our fans are really loyal and they love Chuck (the character.) I was like, ‘aw crap, I’m gonna get things thrwn at me.'” Gomez knew that not all fans would jump on board to the plot change. “I knew I had a bit of a job, winning people over with Morgan and the intersect…” But he’s done a great job so far.

Some of those new things that Gomez is doing include physical demands. But it’s not as bad as you’d think. Gomez said he’s actually already a pretty active guy, and an avid runner. “I honestly just trust(ed) our stunt and fight coordinators. They got me up and running on some crash course stuff…with basic kung fu moves.” Gomez mentioned that one thing he lacks is balance, which Yvonne Strahovski has in spades because of her dance background. “Kicking is not my forte.” Of course, there’s also a fight double that Gomez can use. But set has always been a busy place. Gomez said it’s been “five years of a bearded blur.” But going to work at 4 a.m.? Never a problem with him! “I love going to work every day that I go.”

Some Trivia for “Chuck vs the Frosted Tips” is that Gomez went into a fight against five other guys with almost no preparation.

Gomez noted that “You’re not supposed to like Morgan, at this point.” But is Morgan just a jerk? The intersect is pulling certain things out of him, but it’s a mixture of his real personality and what the intersect is going to him.

If you ask almost any of the Chuck cast about their favorite experience, they’ll note Comic Con and other panels. The San Diego Comic Con “made our show” Gomez admits freely. Something I hadn’t heard before is that he actually rode down in a car with Zac to the Con that year, back when neither of them knew each other very well. But, as we know now, the Chuck screening went over amazingly. So now, “Every year, returning to Comic Con has been an amazing, surreal experience. That’ll always stand out to me.”

While I didn’t get a chance to ask him about any future vacation plans, one thing he’ll be doing is playing a particular video game. We know Josh is a big nerd. So what’s he nerding out about right now? He mentioned the video game Elder Scrolls V: SkyRim “It’ll be the first time they’ll have a hard time getting me to set. … My life will be over for a month or two playing that game.”

One of the questions I’d wanted to ask was about examples for Morgan theme songs in the early seasons vs now. But the gals from Pink Ray Gun covered the question in asking about Gomez’ jam. He said Motley Crue “Wild Side” would work because Morgan “thinks he’s Hollywood” now. “He probably has an 80’s Glam Complication CD playing in his car.”

For those Chuck fans wishing they could be on set for these final days, you might be surprised that there’s much less goofing and pranking going on. “That was so season !” Gomez jokes. Now they hang out in each others trailers and just hug each other for hours. Okay, maybe not the hugging stuff.

React: Do you like Morgan having the intersect or not? What video game suggestions do you have for Josh Gomez?

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