lost season six

Based on some small quotes from Josh Holloway, we’re forming our own theories about what Lost season six might have in store for us. And, forming crazy theories are pretty much half the fun of being a fan of Lost. And our theories? Never ever as crazy as what the show actually does. So…with this final season…it’s time to THINK CRAAAAZY. USA Today didn’t give us much info but they did let us know that Josh Holloway (Sawyer) said of Lost, “There’s a lot of camaraderie on the set,” he said. “There’s a lot of magic. It’s like the first season…It’s been fabulous.”

And as for after Lost? “I’m retiring” Holloway joked. “I’m only doing conventions,” as he mimed signing and distributing pictures. Which, he’s probably already done a million-zillion times already.