That little girl already looks tres stylish. Photo from Lifetime.

That little girl already looks tres stylish. Let her be the judge! Photo from Lifetime.

I love Project Runway so intensely much that I recently told a twitter friend that the only sports show I watched was PR. After all,  isn’t designing clothing made into a sport on the show? I don’t mean to sound unpatriotic, but Lord KNOWS I’d much rather watch Project Runway than The Olympics.

In the next episode Jonathan Peters is seen as saying “It’s a little bit like Romper Room on crack”. I can just-almost-not-quite-just-a-little remember that show! I remember a large bee, and a jack in the box – plus a guy who lived in a popcorn maker. Trying to confirm all of this I looked on youtube, and also on good ol’ Wikipedia. As if some of the puppets weren’t disturbing enough, one of the Romper Room Scandals was crazy enough to become a made for TV movie (“A Private Matter”) with Sissy Spacek (currently on Big Love). Peters, I think Romper Room was already a bit cracked out…but I get your point.

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 10pm/9c – but you already knew that! Tune in this Thursday as eleven cute little girls turn the workroom into a playpen! Which designer will end up in timeout? Would it be possible to put most of them in a locked closet to fight, or is that inhumane? (There WOULD be air holes, or whatever!)

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