I’ve woken up only slightly, intending to crawl back to the mounds of blankets that I call my bed – yet have been derailed by my mandatory Twitter check. And what do I find as the surprisingly second most popular Twitter trending topic? “RIP Johnny Depp“. Which is, completely false. Which is to say, he is not dead at all and if you took his pulse it would be all pulsey and beating.

Another Internet Hoax. And should we be surprised?

Someone created a fake page on (which is highly illegal, I’m preeeetty sure) in which they have written a story on Depp’s car accident. Taking your dislike for any person (celebrity or not) to such great lengths is really cruel to the public and to the person and their family and friends.

Who should be held accountable? Maybe a tech-savvy fraternity has taking hazing projects to an entirely new level. And if there is a fraternity of sweet, goofy, smart boys out there like Zachary Levi, Tom Cavanaugh and Zach Braff – please, reveal yourselves to us. We will be gentle.

If Depp was more of an up-and-comer I bet his agent would be all ‘let’s work this into a ‘died and rose again’ vampire angle and get you in one of those movies!’ Which would be creepy. So I should stop giving out ideas…