simon american idolJohn Park performed on AMERICAN IDOL on Tuesday night, and his song choice was “Gravity” by John Mayer. It’s an amazing song, and a song that Mayer often chooses to play live. But the judges pointed out to John that when covering a song you need to ADD to it or make it YOUR OWN/BETTER in some way…and Park didn’t do that.

I was impressed by his voice, even though there were a few pitchy moments. But I definitely wasn’t wowed. And it seemed like he would be better suited for more cheerful music, and something a little more fast-paced. I’m not saying he has to go sing Justin Timberlake, but if John Park wants the votes he needs to find songs that will truly work for him. The way the judges discussed him SO much seems like they’re truly invested in him, and they want to see him back. We’ll see. It really is hard to believe his authenticity and that is something you can’t fake.

Randy said the song lacked Spice.

Ellen said the song choice WAS better.

Kara said to John, “You need to let loose and get out of that comfort zone of yours.”

Simon said Purple Haze may get its lead singer back because, “There’s nothing to get excited about that – it’s what I call a ‘so what’ performance.”

Could  he be our best American Idol? Doubtful.

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