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Everyone seems to want to write an angle about the interview John Mayer did with Ellen Degeneres. And to be fair, that’s what us writers are supposed to do. But with John…I feel inappropriately protective! I mean, he’s out there as one of the most genuine celebrities there are (and I should say ‘musicians’ but you know what I mean). He doesn’t censor himself and for that people take advantage. He’s a funny guy, kind of a nerd, talented, tech-wise, a spazzy dancer, definitely what you’d call a people-person, and likable in so many ways.

Despite all of the cuteness that transpired between Mayer and Degeneres, most pieces about this segment focus just on what he said about love/relationships/dating. To me, that’s a discredit to the entire rest of the interview. Sure, we care – we’re horrible and we CARE about his lovelife. But he’s got an amazing album out, he’s wearing the cutest holiday outfit, and he’s smarter than your average polar bear.

John and Ellen play a guessing game

John Mayer performs “Who Says”  on The Ellen Degeneres Show

John Mayer and Ellen DeGeneres photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.