John Mayer’s Battle Studies album released today (to cheers of people with good musical taste), and in natural parallelism John Mayer will be performing a special concert tonight. Mark those calendars (even if Hello Kitty is on them) – the “John Mayer Live From the Beacon Theatre” concert airs LIVE and in HD on Fuse TONIGHT (Tuesday November 17 at 9pm ET)! The event will include additional programming including a personal and revealing one-on-one interview with the artist. I personally can’t get enough John Mayer, so this is good news.

The Twitter Connection: You can get your tweets featured on TV during the  Live John Mayer broadcast with “Who Says: Tweets on TV”. During the show, post tweets using #mayeronfuse and they might be put on air in those two hours the concert is going on. Battle Studies is already trending today, moving up to the 5th trending topic spot. Go #battlestudies!

Check out John Mayer on Fuse
Facebook “Event” Invite for John Mayer Live from the Beacon Theatre
John Mayer Concert Facebook App

Where can you watch the John Mayer Fuse concert? Why, on Fuse, you silly muskrats! In addition, there are encore showings on Nov. 21 (9 p.m. and 1 a.m.) and Nov. 22 (3 p.m. and 7 p.m.). Plus, will have behind-the-scenes footage shot backstage, during the sound check and after the show. is basically the website I’m going to be on all day. Yup.

Because today is all about celebrating, here is a sneak peak of the John Mayer Fuse TV Special with brand new interviews with none other than John Clayton Mayer, the Master of Musical Endeavors:

“Who Says was sort of like grabbing people by the collar and bringing them close again and going nope, it’s just you and me.” – John Mayer

“Who Says” Interview Segment:

Two more John Mayer YouTube Clips after the jump.

“I would love to get some special guests.” What a tease. But I don’t care if it’s just him the entire time.

Interview Outtakes and JM Kidding Around:

Concert Trailer: