john hughes tributeThis tribute video of John Hughes‘ movies speaks for itself so really, just make sure to watch it. Hughes was honored at the 2010 Oscar’s last night, despite never winning an Oscar himself (SAD MUCH?). Roger Ebert tweeted that it was nice to see the “children of John Hughes” on stage. The tribute moved most people with hearts to tears. And even though I try to keep my heart in deep-freeze, I felt a little weepy. Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick were just two of the familiar Brat Pack stars on stage.

BYOPA (Bring your own PERSONAL ANECODE): The first time I ever heard about THE BREAKFAST CLUB my Mom said she’d rented it for my sister and I, and we were disgruntled. “That’s not what we told you to bring back from Blockbuster, we’ve never even HEARD of this movie! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’t aren’t even IN it!” was our basic response. But we watched it grudgingly. And we realized QUITE¬† quickly that our Mother was passing a piece of magic down to us. It’s a movie that endures.

This video has the montage and then the Brat Pack speaking afterwards.