party down season 2This Friday you have an open invite to the Precious Lights Pre-School Auction. I know, you might not want to go because the parents involved with that school are all horrible, manipulative, self-centered jerks. But I heard they hired the Party Down catering service, and that bunch of people may generally lack a worth ethic, but they’ll certainly entertaining.

A new episode of Party Down airs on Starz this Friday, April 30th. They will be catering a silent auction for a fancy-pants preschool. Guest stars include Joey Lauren Adams, who is also guest starring on The United States of Tara right now. Adams will be returning to us as Diandra Stiltskin – who we previously saw in Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen and J.K. Simmons as her husband, Leonard Stiltskin. I heard that Stiltskin will do anything to save face, and that his wife and him don’t often communicate.

Party Down Quotes from 2×02

“You want to be the Turtle of my entourage, you must be nicer.”

“I don’t wanna put too much stock in it, but I feel like if I get this it will pretty much validate every single decision in my entire life that has led me to this very moment.”

“You’re not even an actor, you’re a haircut.”

Party Down “Precious Lights Pre-School Auction” airs Friday, April 30th @ 10 pm ET on Starz.