jimmy fallonHave you seen Jimmy Fallon’s LOST parodies from his Late Night show? They’re called LATE. It’s the perfect fruit cocktail of real LOST influences and real world jokes.

The first skit is just under 10 minutes, which makes me think that Jimmy Fallon probably would have done awesome things with the SNL Digital Shorts had he been around when they started them. But this is almost better than those, so who cares! It’s stuff like this that makes me say that these writers and Jimmy should have their own comedy show. And then I realize that really funny shows never get the attention they should unless they have the right celebrities attached, and even then sometimes it doesn’t work. So we have to suffer through stupid mass-pleasing Robert Pattinson interviews just so we can get 9 minutes of awesome comedy. AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH AMERICA. Bangs a gavel. I’m out. Like Seacrest. Or a…another thing that is out. Like a car? Cause those are outside? Except when they’re in a parking garage or something… Hrm. Oh hey, look – the LATE video:

LATE episode two after the jump.