Is this just an excuse of a post to show the unbearably cute photo of Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and (Okay,  I need to IMD the spelling…) Johnny Galecki? Psh, no way! I have legitimate…news-ish stuff! Parsons was recently interviewed with Lea Michele of Glee by The Hollywood Reporter. While Michele says she hates auditions, Parsons says he actually really enjoys them. Glass half empty, glas half full – they’re both amazing talents on amazing shows. This entire post? Full of amazing?

“I blame the writers if its funny.” – Jim Parsons (Humble!)

Why did no one get me a Jim Parsons for Christmas? It’s like no one reads my Christmas list at all! Why did I bother to type it up, print it, collate it, laminate it, and send it out if no one uses the list?!?! I didn’t get John Mayer or a baby panda, either. Ugh.