“It’s not good enough for you.” This is the quote that made me pause and stick with watching tonight’s episode of Losing it with Jillian. Read on to see if I was glad to watch the full episode.

Jillian Michaels

The above line is one by Jillian, which was said with complete¬† sincerity. I don’t know much about Jillian at all, I’ve never even watched The Biggest Loser (is that a collective gasp I’m hearing?) Still, I really liked her point-of-view in this episode.You aren’t supposed to give up on yourself or think that you deserve the worst in life. I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV shows, this much is true. But when they can be inspiring, that’s really nice.

Jillian seems to be able to walk the line between being blunt and explaining things so she is also being nice. She’s terribly tough in the way that gets results.

The focus of this episode was a woman named Deb who didn’t just have to work on getting fit. She also had to work on making her house less cluttered. The house looked about two steps away from being in an episode of Hoarders.

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Inspirational Quotes from Jillian Michaels:

“It’s like this mess, this war zone they’ve been living in is just a symptom…”

“If you want more, you gotta give more.”

“Can you get off?”
“No, life is not going to get off of you.”

“Fight back.”

“Are you worthy of help?” (Yes!)

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