You go most years without thinking about how John F. Kennedy died. But this year, there’s no way you’re forgetting.  Everything you didn’t even know you could know, you can learn this week. For instance, what food did Jackie Kennedy eat at The White House? Well, it’s apparently time to learn.

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HISTORY’s Kennedy Week – a week-long campaign commemorating the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Assassination – is in full swing. And it’s expansive. So expansive that we’re wondering if there’s a point where it stops being educational, and becomes plain agonizing to relive the tragedy in such minute detail.

You’ll find all History coverage here:

… If it gets overwhelming, take a break. Or a breath.

The JFK Twitter Takeover

In addition, starting on Monday, November 18, HISTORY will host the “JFK Twitter Takeover” at – giving viewers a fresh take on the pivotal moments of the Kennedy assassination as they unfolded 50 years ago – hour by hour, day by day – through a live tweeting event. For eight days, will travel with the President and his entourage as they depart Washington, D.C. for Texas, the infamous motorcade and their return to the capital as a nation mourns.

HISTORY’s Kennedy Week will showcase the following:

JFK Twitter Takeover Event (
NOVEMBER 18, 10AM Highlights:
Monday, November 18 (JFK’s preparations for trip to Dallas) through Tuesday, November 26 (Ruby charged with Oswald’s murder).
Hour-by-hour (and minute-by-minute) account.
Listen in on phone calls between President Lyndon Johnson and his staff as they speak with political leaders, members of the Kennedy family, and others as a new administration begins.
Find out how the world reacted to the Kennedy assassination through photographs, newspapers, photos and more.

History in the Headlines topics will include (
A look at Kennedy’s last 100 days in office.
Q&A with historian Steve Gillon, HISTORY Scholar-in-Residence and author of the companion book for the new special, Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live.
Feature piece examining the lives of those impacted by the events in Dallas in the days and years following the assassination.
JFK: 1000 Days in Pictures slideshow.

HISTORY List topics (
10 Things You May Not Know about JFK.
5 Things You May Not Know about the Warren Commission.

Ask HISTORY topics (
What is the Zapruder film? And what happened to the Zapruder film?
What is the ‘Kennedy Curse’?

Hungry History will include (
What was on the menu in the Kennedy White House?

Additional new content:
Caroline Kennedy & Jackie Kennedy slideshows.
Original video: Kennedy Film Corps, Kennedy Family Tree.
Speeches and phone calls.

HISTORY PREMIERES Friday, November 22 (
8pm – JFK: The Definitive Guide
It’s not what you’ve been told, it’s what you believe and how that’s changed America’s views on government…and ourselves by highlighting results from the largest survey ever conducted on the JFK assassination.

“Who do YOU think killed JFK?” Facebook Tab (
· HISTORY is hosting a custom Facebook tab inspired by the official survey at the center of the special.
· Fans can answer select questions from the survey to uncover little known facts about the assassination.

10 pm – LEE HARVEY OSWALD: 48 HOURS TO LIVE, a two-hour special premiering on HISTORY®, is a minute-by-minute account of the intense, final two days of Oswald’s life – his attempt to flee, his capture by the police, and the grueling interrogation by the Dallas police detectives prior to being shot by Jack Ruby – a chapter of history that raised more questions than it answered.