Find out where to get that cool cloud necklace, and more.


I haven’t yet gotten into watching Elementary yet, which is something I admit with shame. See, I just watch so much TV that sometimes I have to miss out on certain shows until they’re on DVD and I can watch in the summer. (Although summer TV has been ramping up, soon I’ll have no time to watch extra shows but in my sleep.)

Anyway, I’ve actually spoken with Lucy Liu before, and thought she was the best dressed at the 2013 Academy Awards. I also happen to be in contact with Peggy Li, whose jewelry is often featured on great TV shows. She gave me a head’s up that one of her pieces was worn by Liu’s character, Watson, recently. It’s the Weather the Storm! Necklace, which features a cloud and a lightening bolt. Very cool, don’t you think?

Also featured on Watson: These disc earrings.

You can purchase the Weather the Storm! Necklace by Peggy Li: HERE, and you can get more “jewelry worn on TV shows” finds when you subscribe to Small Screen Scoop for free!