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We infiltrated ISIS again because we needed more of the goods on the new FX show Archer. Malory and Cyril wouldn’t talk under threat of Karaoke torture, so we had to go to their real life counterparts:  Jessica Walter and Chris Parnell.

Jessica, it’s been announced that Jeffrey Tambor will be guest starring on Archer. Is there anything you can tell us about your interaction with him onscreen as Malory?

Jessica Walter (JW): You know, he is a guest voice in one episode and I think they want him to do more. He plays Torvald Utne, the United Nations Intelligence Chairman. We have a  dinner party but it ends up disastrous.  I woo him because I’m trying to get a weapons contract out of him.  I’m trying to remember because we’ve done like ten in a row…  You’ll have to forgive me if I get confused on the plots. But actually I work very hard on the scripts, I insist on getting them ahead of time. And not on the computer. But anyway, I don’t know what else to say except that Jeffrey is fabulous and I adore him.


Have you gotten to talk with him about Archer?

JW: I haven’t since that episode. But I’m sure we will. I’m gonna give him a call after this. I’ll say that he was asked about.

(Editor’s note: It was mentioned that this was a reunion on screen, but they didn’t record their voiceovers together. So, no in-person reunion. But there’s always the Arrested Development movie!)

JW: It was a voice reunion – a voices only reunion.No physical contact, let’s put it that way. (Laughs)

Ha! Was that in your contract? ‘I don’t wanna be around Jeffrey?’

JW: (Laughs) No, no. I love Jeffrey. I think we have great chemistry on the show.

I agree. I hope we can see him again.

JW: I think you will. I think that’s the plan.

( Editor’s Note: The Jeffrey Tambor episode airs January 28th on FX @ 8 pm ET/PT )

Chris, do you think Cyrill is more suave or less suave than you?

Chris Parnell (CP): (Laughs) Hopefully less suave than me. I don’t consider myself very suave… The fact that he’s got Lana Kane dating him may indicate that he is in fact more suave than me. Because I don’t think she would date me. I think that Cyril has a lot of sides to him that we will see as things play out, and the longer the show is hopefully on.


Chris, I was talking to Aisha and Adam in another call about ringtones, and I know there’s going to be a general ringtone for Archer of a song (Mulato Butts)…  but if you could have a character-specific ringtone for Cyrill, what would that be?

CP: As a person who himself has never downloaded a ringtone this is gonna be a tough one. Maybe ‘Sexual Healing’. That’s the first thing that comes to mind.

What if it could be a phrase that you’ve recorded as Cyrill?

CP: Maybe just ‘Lana’ – screaming out Lana’s name. ‘LAAANAAAA.’ He does seem to do a bit of that.

That would work. Jessica – Do you think Malory Archer would be friends with Lucille Bluth if they met? And if only one could be left standing, who would it be?

JW: Ooooh, you’re really putting me on the spot. Oh my God… Well, I don’t think they’d be friends at all. I think they’d probably hate each other because they’re so similar. Usually in real life, you hate people that – you’re not aware of it in the beginning – but you usually hate people who have the traits in yourself that you don’t like. So I think they’d hate each other because they both have those awful traits. And they’d see it in the other person and they wouldn’t like it. But I really feel…if I said one or the other that would be so being a traitor to one of those women. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it.

Maybe they would both be left standing and think the other one was dead.

JW: Maybe, maybe. Yea. But if you put them both against each other… mmm….

Like a cold war?

JW: It would be a cold war, yes. Thank you, you bailed me out. Now I don’t have to take sides and pick one of the other.

If you guys could have some sort of spy gadget in your real life, what would it be?

CP: A rocket pack – a jet pack? I think that would be pretty cool. Or a little miniature helicopter. Those are both James Bond things. I think those would be pretty cool to have around and take a jaunt in.

JW: You know what I wish I had, this is great – it would be wonderful. If I had, let’s say a lipstick that could have inside of it all of my lines for things I have to memorize for things I do that are not voiceovers.

We’ll try to get someone to make that!

Archer premieres on Thursday at 10 pm ET/PT on FX!