I should have paid way more attention to Jessica’s True Blood blog before. I’m kinda in love with it now that I’ve taken a few minutes to really check it out. Actress Deborah Ann Woll stays in character for these vlogs and written blog updates. What’s more, you can glean little things about upcoming episodes sometimes. (Check me out, I’m all Veronica Mars-ing my way through True Blood season 4!)

The name of the blog is “Babyvamp Jessica” and you can find it HERE. The latest vlog is about “The Ethics of Glamouring.” This is pretty relevant considering in the last episode of True Blood Jessica glamoured Hoyt to forget that she’d fed from another man. It’s a glamouring act I don’t think she even needed to do! Hoyt would have forgiven her, but she didn’t want to suffer through any amount of pain or uncertainty.

The video has Jessica Hamby quoting The Bible, which goes to show you can run from your past but your upbringing really shapes your adulthood. I’m sure that plenty of the churchgoer’s in Bon Temps would be appalled that a vampire would/could know so much about the Bible. But, I digress.

Jessica is thinking about her vampire powers, she doesn’t want to abuse them. She asks, “Is it indecent to glamour people?” The easy answer would be “yes,” but it’s not that cut and dry. We see that Jessica would like to ask Bill, but doesn’t want to bother him since he’s got his King stuff to do. (The scene between Jessica and Bill in the previous episode was so sweet, I love their relationship!) But she does recall that before Bill turned her he tried to glamour her so she wouldn’t be scared – and that was definitely glamouring being used for a nice purpose. This goes right into the issue that we humans have about telling the truth, and how some people say that confessing the truth is selfish, and other’s say it’s always the right thing to do. And hey, what is glamoring if not rearranging the truth into a lie? Do you know an instance in which lying is kinder for all parties involved?

At the end of the video, Arlene interrupts and we see the moment where Jessica gives the doll to her. I’m not sure why anyone would keep that doll around, but there’s something fishy about it…

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