Well, now we know. And I wish that I didn’t. Jessica Simpson, of all the stylish people in the world? They had to pick the girl who doesn’t brush her teeth?

I think Jessica Simpson is probably a very genuine sweetheart. Seriously. Not the sharpest eyeliner in the bunch, but she’s nice. Stylish? Have you seen her branded styles for shoes and jewelry and etc etc etc? They’re very generic-looking. If I ever bought anything from the line I’d probably lie about it being from her.

And here’s the thing, when Jessica Simpson looks good it’s because of a hard-working team of stylists. And while lots of celebs have these, some utilize them more than others. There are some actresses like Rachel Bilson or Selma Blair who you can tell really have a sense for style. And there are more women out there like that. I wish Project Runway had opted for someone who really knows more about style, not just how to be styled.