jessicasimpson teeth Jessica Simpson recently admitted that she doesn’t brush her teeth. Her weapons of choice are Listerine and a sweater. Which would maybe be fine if she was camping, or at least meant only at night. But she means…all of the time. Which is gross. And suddenly I have new theories for why guys are always breaking up with her. Simpson said, “I don’t brush my teeth.” (CACKLES. Thinks it’s hilarious.) “No, really.” (Laughs) I just use Listerine. And sometimes I’ll use my sweater.” She finished this segment by saying, “Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson and I heart anything fried.” Wow.

Video (plus one more) after the jump.

Simpson went on to say that John Mayer gave away her game in Playboy magazine. Of course, she was on a reality show so if she doesn’t want to be exploited, I think I’m confused.