In the episode of Project Runway that aired last Thursday “Sew Much Pressure”, Maya Lutz decided to leave the competition because she didn’t feel prepared. While it’s so sad to see her leave when she was doing so well, if she felt overly stressed and only she knew what was best for her. I really hated how Emilio Sosa was like “It’s a cop out”, but Seth Aaron defended Maya to the viewers saying that we can’t understand how many hours they work and how tough it is. I agree – we have no clue and no one should judge Maya. What was nice is that when she knew she wanted to go, she left. (Rather than being there and wanting to leave, not making way for someone who did want to be there.)

We got Anthony back – and he WON the challenge! Talk about amazing, huh? His black and white dress was picked to be worn by Jessica Alba. And Heidi Klum decided she loved Emilio’s, so he won too. (Boooo.)

emilio sosa heidi klum dress

project runway jessica alba dress

Jonathan Peters was sent home, and as much as I love him – his design really was a mess. I did not care for Mila or Seth Aaron’s dresses. Jay Nicholas seemed interesting, at least. The poofyness should have been lower, but I like the design. It does feel like we’ve seen that exact design from him before, though.

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