Tonight on ABC was the Jesse James interview where he opened up about his affairs while married to Sandra Bullock. And yes, it seems there was more than one affair. Cue my sigh. Instead of accepting blame, James used this interview has a vehicle to blame his past for his actions. Something tells me this isn’t going to go well for him.

ABC's Vicki Mabrey and Jesse James Credit: ABC/AP

ABC's Vicki Mabrey and Jesse James Credit: ABC/AP

Did Sandra Bullock ever know about the affairs? James said no. “I think she’s had her suspicions in the past, but I lied…lied my way out of it.” When asked if he had affairs with all five women who’ve come forward, he wouldn’t give an answer and said he wouldn’t put a count on it. He said we shouldn’t believe everything in the tabloids. “It could have been a million, bad is bad no matter what it is.” This seems like a shameful way to not admit that it was more than one woman.

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Citing that he was happy in his marriage, but wanted to self-sabotage himself he said, “I think I wanted to get caught.” Well, that’s what anyone says when they have gotten caught.

In a moment of pure irony there was a commercial during this interview about Erectile Dysfunction and Viagra. Is that really a well-placed or  well-timed ad? Women want to stop their older husbands going around and cheating!

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James drove himself to rehab, to Sierra Tuscon in Arizona. He spent 30 days away from the paparazzi. “I told her that I was going to get some help.” What did Sandra say? That she was proud of him. Was he in rehab for sex addiction or anger management? He was there for both, but he wants the pity vote by saying he went there for being a child of abuse. That seems like a very convenient time to explain this on national TV, as he’s cheated on America’s sweetheart. The interview went more into his abuse, and how James was so afraid of his Dad. I think it’s horrible when a child is abused, I just don’t think this is very applicable as to why a man cheats on his wife. Maybe it is.

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“I don’t think I have a sex addiction…” James said. “I think I do things to sabotage my life…including having extramarital affairs, texting, overworking, doing stunts, doing stupid things…” The angle of the interview seemed to be moving away from wanting to be blamed, but to explain why James has done everything. But it’s true that lots of people have been abused who do not cheat. His counter to that was that at least he didn’t go on to abuse anyone else. …Okay.

At the end of the interview they talked about the adopted baby Louis. Sandra wants to co-parent with James, though they are divorcing. James’ kids will continue to be in Bullock’s life, which is nice. “I still have hopes of saving some sort of relationship with Sandy.” But not about divorce. “We’re getting divorced, 100% sure of that.” Although, he says he doesn’t want that.

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