Sometimes it makes sense for TV show characters to leave a series. Things like death sometimes cause problems (although that’s why flashbacks hardcore rock.) While it would probably make more sense for Jessalyn Gilsig to leave Glee now that Teri’s officially divorced from Mr. Schuester (and was hardly seeing any screen time towards the last half of Glee season 1) …she’s staying!

And we’re so, so frickin’ glad!

Sorry Mr. Schuester, she’s staying! (Yay!) Ph: Fox

And we want more singing from Gilsig! And, man, we just want lots of things, huh? We haven’t even gotten around to asking for an unlimited breakfast food buffet to eat for dinner when we watch Glee this fall.  So,  just you wait for our list of demands. Maybe we’ll hold a Glee DVD Giveaway here as ransom.

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