Finally, Jersey Shore tackled a very real issue that didn’t involve the idea of someone cheating on someone else while they were drunk, while someone named The Unit gets involved. This time, Vinny got real honest about a problem he was having.

A Real Issue. Vinny talking about his anxiety was good. I mean, he didn’t sound terribly informed so I hope he went and got professional help. I think that talking about it at all really is good for him and for America’s youth. I may not love Vinny all the time, but he’s a smart guy and I respect him a lot more after this episode.

Danny taking Vinny out to lunch was sweet, and I just hope it wasn’t scripted.

Bro Bonding. Seeing all of the guys (well, mostly Ronnie and Pauly) try to talk and help Vinny. Ronnie seemed like he thought Vinny was weak about it all. And Pauly, that was interesting. Because Pauly doesn’t tend to be involved in any serious talks on the show. But this was his best friend, Vinny. So he was automatically involved. He was chosen, unofficially, as the one who had to talk to Vinny. And his face was so sweet and concerned, and he looks so confused. He was so heartbreakingly honest when he said he didn’t know what Vinny needed him to do. Ditto when Pauly seriously suggested Vinny could just stay for him. (“Stay for me, man.”) But Pauly held no grudge when Vinny made his final decision to leave. He even helped him pack.

Babysitting. The fact that Snooki had to take off her “Jionni Underwear” or else she’d end up flashing it all night. Is Jwoww getting sick of Snooki yet? She’s going off the deep end. When will she go on Celebrity Rehab? (Although most of the reason she’s a celebrity is because of her getting drunk so excessively…damn.)

Also: It’s so damn sunny. Who doesn’t love pretending it’s summer when you’re surrounded by snow. (Although, hey, global warming must be real because I’ve had hardly any snow here.)

Also prt 2: It’s the little things that matter. Like seeing Snooki make her bed and put Crocadilly on it. Because he guards it for her.

¬†Sammi Giancola may claim she’s the sweetheart of the bunch, but it seems like Vinny might actually be the real¬† (unofficial) sweetheart of the Jersey Shore. Tell me – just how much do you want to snuggle him today?