Sammi Giancola of Jersey Shore recently showed off a new look that earned her many points.

XOJane gave Giancola (it feels weird not to just call her “Sam”) a makeunder, which meant ditching the hair straighteners, black liquid eyeliner and fake tanner. Her typical routine takes her 2 hours (according to her) but this makeunder lasted only 5 minutes.

During the interview, Sammi mentioned who her closest friend in the house is: “Deena’s actually my best friend on the show and outside of the show, we hang out all the time, we talk all the time. … She balances me out. She’s loud, crazy and extremely positive and fun and I’m more calm and collected so we kinda balance each other out.”

What do you think of this softer look on Sammi? It’s softer, natural, and looks like she could practically be in an Anthropologie catalog instead of Bebe.

Jersey Shore Season 5 returns to MTV on January 5th. Will Sammi sport this new look on Jersey Shore seaosn 5? ….Probably not.