In Jersey Shore season 5 you can expect things to get heated with Snooki and Mike once again, Vinny to leave the house, and for Snooki to have more drama with Jionni.

During her makeunder, Jersey Shore Sweetheart, Sammi Giancolo, talked about Jersey Shore season 5. Below are a few choice excerpts of what Sammi said, but be sure to head to the XOJane Sammi Interview page to read every fist-pumping piece of information she shared.

On the Jersey Shore season 5 Premiere

“Yes and no, I’m always nervous when a new season comes out because you never know what to expect, but I’m really excited.”

On if  Jersey Shore Season 5 Vinny’s last season? We’ve heard tons about Jersey Shore Vinny Leaves, is it true?

“I mean, you’re gonna have to see, but yeah, he wants to go home.”

On her Relationship Status (Single Now, but she didn’t start out Jersey Shore Season 5 as single)

“Right now I’m single. Ronnie’s cool. We’re really good friends, I’ll always love him, but I’m working on myself and my career and doing what’s best for me. …. Well, in Italy the relationship was really, really good and we went right from Italy to Seaside, and in Seaside we had another amazing time in our relationship. So you’re not gonna see too much drama with the relationship because there barely was any.”

On Snooki and Mike “The Situation”- and Jionni

“…They have their own issues and beef with each other in Italy and that definitely falls out and carries over in Seaside, so I mean, I don’t know what really went on with them but they used to be best friends and when we go back to Seaside it’s just madness.”

“The whole Mike and Nicole drama thing is definitely gonna happen again, and then the whole Nicole and Jionni thing, but that’s really it. In Seaside we really got along — you see less drama with me.”

Do you think there’s really not as much Sammi drama for season 5? We’ll have to watch and see.

Jersey Shore season 5 premiers on MTV, January 5 2012.