Vinny is likely your favorite Jersey Shore cast member, so the idea that he might leave is pretty upsetting.

MTV had the Jersey Shore season 5 premiere on Thursday night, with the episode “Hurricane Situation.”

Homesick, Of Course. Everyone left Italy (Vinny asserting they’d done everything they could possibly do in Florence, even though they only spent one day doing anything truly cultural…) and was very excited to return to America. But they had to go directly to Seaside Heights. It seemed odd not to let the cast recharge or go home to their families. But all was revealed when there was a “surprise” party (the cast had to have known, or they would have been ranting about not being able to go home) with everyone’s close friends and family.

Does Vinny Leave Jersey Shore? The short answer is yes. We know that he leaves. But we suspect he also comes back. It was downright depressing seeing the Vin so depressed. He was wearing emo glasses, and having all sorts of issues. Ron speculated that his homesickness was rooted in the fact that his Mother did so much for him. But it seemed like much more than that.

Who’s More Vain? The girls were not the first to run out for GTL. It was the guys. They were the ones who felt the excessive need to get tan before any other stops. Further evidence of excessive vanity was shown at the Barber shop as Mike applied more hair spray than most people wear in an entire year, and the scene between Mike and The Unit where they changed into nightwear. Apparently it’s a long process.

Mike Is a Situation. No longer can we sit on the fence about Mike. He’s clearly trying to hurt Snooki, but playing it from both sides so he doesn’t look like a jerk. Too bad we can see it all.

Pauly and Ryder. It was Pauly’s turn to be with Snooki’s BFF Ryder. He didn’t even want to, but figured since she was there and wanted to (and she was obvious about what she wanted, yes) he’d do it. And even though it wasn’t exactly a private affair, his behavior of talking about her the next morning was incredibly crass.

Deena’s Depressing. There’s always been something tacky about Deena, but we’ve stomached her. But sometimes she can do something so … ugh, that you just want to shout “Oh honey, no.” This time, it was shooting not so subtle jealous daggers at Paulie and Ryder, then following them into a room where they were trying to have sex, by sitting there in silence, petting a stuffed animal then leaving by saying something like, “well, I’m fine.” Clearly not fine about it, we can’t help but think Deena needs to get it through her head that Paulie isn’t going to throw her a pity f*#k.


  • Snooki apparently likes to drink pickle juice
  • Snooki admits to peeing in her shore house bed. Do the people who rent that house out the rest of the year know this, or has the mattress been at least changed?
  • Snooki is still a big fan of Hello Kitty
  • No one in the house is a fan of Mike
  • When Ron’s not having relationship issues, he’s busy being a jerk
  • We’re starting to love Sammi again, but the fact that her and Ron are sharing a room with Mike is their fault since they grabbed a bedroom for three last year. It was unfair back then, and they’ll have to pay the price. Then again, if Vinny leaves for a while maybe someone else will snag his bed.