To recap Jersey Shore season 4 so far: Deena wants to get on Pauly, Sitch wants to get on Snooks, Ron has a back up chick, Hannah, who he wants to get on and Sammi wants to get back on Ron. Ready? Cause it’s time to….

Get crazy, get wild again…

We start off this one back with Sitch and the ‘cute’ blonde Brittany, who is always DTF. Sitch is exhausted after their activities and goes for a little rest on the sofa outside, this aint happening as a pigeon comes flying through scaring Sitch so he falls off the couch. Meanwhile, back inside, Snooks wants to go to the gym with Ron. Snooks and Ron are becoming gym buddies, it’s sweet.

Off they go to the gym, but they don’t really know where they are going. Snooks is apparently supposed to wear glasses but doesn’t cause she doesn’t want to look ugly, Snooks embrace the inner nerd, glasses are like so totally in right now.

Snooks and Ronnie take to the street and L to the O S T, LOST. They give up and go to a restaurant, Snooks orders a glass of pinot. Good girl. Talk turns to SamRon, Snooks thinks they belong together they just need to talk it out, I’m on the fence. Snooks just want them to **** already, but Ronnie doesn’t want to fall back into that same pattern, good boy.

Elsewhere at another cafe in Florence, Deena and Sammi are chatting up the waiter. Well, Deena is “Do you have phone number?”, it works. And apparently he speaks “well English”, whatever the hell that means. Snooks is getting some English lessons in the gym while getting a little too close to the trainer, and not because she wanted to. Oddly by the time Snooks and Ronnie leave the gym its dark out, they left to go in the day…Weird.

Pauly and Vinny are back at the house playing some fussball waiting on everyone else. Cabs is here and they’re off to the club. Sitch is meeting up with his DTF blonde chick who is bringing along her twin to the ‘festivities’. ew.

Snooks is out partying a different way, because she is now committed, She parties with Ronnie, Sammi comes along and it all gets a little angsty. Deena meets up with her waiter from before, Ellis. Deena finally hooks up with her italian!

The girls toast to “Firenze”, Snooks asks “is that Florence”, JWoww says yes, I am not sure but I can’t be bothered to look it up so lets say J-Wizzle is right. Sitch meets up with Brittany and her twin, Pauly is introduced, “Twinning”. Sitch has got his back up plan, Deena has her Italian, off they go back to the house.

Snooks is on the phone but Sitch wants to call Brittany to get her over, Sitch drunkenly kisses Snooks, she ain’t down. Deena and her Italian are in the bedroom being all romantic and whatnot, Pauly and Vinny interrupt all unromantically, Deena”s not impressed. She goes off on them cause she’s not ‘doing sex’ and just wants to snuggle, the boys want her to take him to the smush room. Voices are raised and Ellis isn’t really feeling it anymore, Deena uses all her charm and persuades him to stay…for a while and then he slips out. Awkward.

Brittany’s trying to get through to Mike but with Ronnie just hanging up on her and Pauly saying he’s Vinny it takes a few attempts. When she finally gets through to Sitch, it’s actually Ronnie pretending to be Sitch. Brittany and her twin are coming over, hilarity will ensue.

Brittany and her twin come over, Snooks ain’t impressed hilariously wondering “Why are they here? It’s daytime” (Good one Snooks). Sitch is caught unawares in his bedroom, he’s a tad freaked out. To be fair he has no idea what is going on. Ronnie is having giggling like a schoolgirl over his prank, Sitch takes them out to breakfast all confused and whatnot. Though he is definitely not confused about his intentions, threesome.

Sammi and Ronnie go out for food to a romantic restaurant. Sammi says she’s a changed person and that they should try again, Ronnie remains cautious but is willing to give her a shot, he has a stupid dumb smile on face, swoon. This place sure is romantical (Sammi’s words, not mine). SamRon take 3? 4? or whatever is back on.

Snooks gets the deets from Ronnie as soon as they come back. Vinny and Pauly are playing fussball again when Ronnie comes out in a black V neck, Vinny and Pauly correctly assume that conservative Ronnie is back out, Sammi comes out in black too. Conservative Sammi and Ronnie are back on the scene.

The shore hit the club, Flow, fist pumping, beating up the beat and taking over the club. Good times are happening but not for long cause don’t look now twins is here! Someone calls stalker, Sitch calls both of them for threesome. The rest of the shore are doing this whole Charlie Sheen ‘Twinning’ thing and it is FREAKING AWESOME.

Snooks is trying to set up the threesome, though one of the twins could be a virgin (first we’ve met at the shore). Snooks doesn’t believe it, but guesses that one twin is a virgin, one is a big whore, no big deal.

Sitch is laying the groundwork for the threesome until Deena comes along and steals one of the twins (I think it’s the virgin one) as she seems like she’s a blast in a glass. They start dancing, they start making out, Sitch ain’t impressed. Deena pulled a robbery, Sitch is on the sidelines.

Deena reckons she’s bi-curious, cause she really loves a good penis. Great, but Deena takes one of the twins to bed and Sitch leaves the other twin in his bed. Ronnie, Sammi and JWoww are talking and Ronnie tells the girls that Sitch said that he and Snooks hooked up while Snooks was with Gianni. JWoww goes to tell Snooks.

Meanwhile, virgin twin starts to straddle Vinny while moaning “I can’t do it” (maybe that’s why she’s still a virgin), they start making out, they get under the covers. Vinny pulls the robbery on Deena, Deena robs her back. It’s a double robbery. This girl is a mess and falls out of bed. I’m thinking take the girl home. But no she’s back in bed with Deena. It’s weird.

Snooks and Sitch are talking outside when JWoww interrupts to tell her about what Sitch said about them hooking up. Snooks says they didn’t do anything, Snooks is gunning for Sitch. Sitch is trying to say he didn’t tell anyone, seriously, again DO THEY NOT REALISE THAT THEY ARE ON TELEVISION? THEIR CONVERSATIONS ARE RECORDED.

Sitch stands by his side of the story, Snooks sticks by hers. I have no idea who is telling the truth, they are both adamant. Back in Pauly, Vinnys and Deena’s room, Deena is hooking up with the twin but starts freaking out so gives her back to Vinny. Seriously, the girl should just go home.

Snooks is outside crying, and says that Sitch tried to hook up with her and she said no. Ronnie still doesn’t know what to believe, me neither. Ronnie tells her that she should ‘woman up’ and tell Gianni exactly what happened, whatever happened.

Sitch is annoyed with Ronnie for talking, but Ronnie says he doesn’t care cause of al the times Sitch has backstabbed and gossiped. Ronnie’s right. Sitch is still mad, everyone’s chatting and then one of the twins walks back into the mix. Bad timing. Sitch goes to deal with that, in his own Sitch way (sex).

Snooks is crying and is genuinely scared of what’s going to happen with Gianni, poor girl. Sitch gets in in with the twin, I know who’s side I am on.

Next week?

Snooks opens up to Gianni.

Deena gets into fights with some in the house.

Sammi, Ronnie start fighting again, this time Sitch is involved.

This Jersey Shore season 4 review written by Polly Holton

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