The saga of Ron and Sam continues on Jersey Shore season 4! Just when you think the last crazy thing has finally happened, everyone falls asleep (or blacks out) and wakes up ready to do it all over again. I think this is why the Jersey Shore theme song has the words “get crazy” in it. You have to be crazy to stay in a house with Sammi the sweetheart and Ron Ron the angry Hulk.

jersey shore house in italy

  • In an effort to mock the tool’s of the guido world, Pauly and Vinny dress up in track suits, sweatbands and faux hawks while talking about how you must FPC – fist pump, pushup, chapstick. While the world makes fun of these Jersey Shore guys, they’re making fun of people who we view as similar, but they feel are miles apart.
  • Ron and Sam are together, again. At least Sammi thinks they are. They’d never do anything as silly as DTR (define the relationship.) After a huge fight, Ron wakes her up to tell her he loves her and he wants to talk to her later. This would be more sweet if he hadn’t exploded violently last night, bought her flowers and then thrown them in the trash. They two decided to talk again, which became loud arguing about the same arguments over and over. Miami. Cheating. Girls numbers. Blah blah blah. Vinny went in to respectfully ask them to shove it aka not fight around the rest of the housemates. And they agreed. But let’s see how long that lasts.

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  • In terms of Deena updates, she has a booty call who showed up but things went south when the hickey on his neck turned out to be from his affectionate sister. Deena isn’t having any of that! Meanwhile, her crush on Pauly has gone no where. He let her do his hair (a sacred event) and Deena mentioned to the camera that she’d totally do Pauly. Which she mentions every episode, just in case we’ve forgotten.
  • Mike conned viewers into thinking he was in real pain, even saying he might go home. But the rest of the housemates on camera were pretty sure he was milking it. And it turns out, he was. Ron came to talk to him (being aggressive touchy feely to show he cared), Mike cried, then took off his neck brace (that he was supposed to wear) and went on with things. JWoww said she wouldn’t feel bad for him because it was a self-imposed injury. But mostly, everyone is just sick of Mike and the way The Situation instigates drama. He was even rude to Snooki, yet again.
  • JWoww didn’t do a lot in this episode other than decorate her hat for work, seem confident in her relationship with Rodger (Roger?) and hate on Jionni for making Snooki upset.
  • Snooki is mad at her roomies for implying Jionni is anything but perfect, even when he is clearly (to a viewer) being controlling of her, and trying to dull down her Snooki shine. Sounds like Stockholm syndrome. Snooki and Jionni should call it quits.

Jersey Shore season 4 Episode 6 ‘Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick’

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