Snooki and Mike might be the biggest news from the Jersey Shore season 4 premiere, but Snooki outdid herself in the quote department. Below are eight of the dumbest quotes from this first episode set in Italy.

“…maybe do sex.” – Deena

“I don’t know if the housemates will recognize me with this beard. I’m so much better looking.” –  Vinny

“Is that where I get pesos?” – Snooki

“My bronzer exploded. I am down a can of bronzer, I only have about 8 cans left. In my world that’s about 10 days worth.” – Jenni

“I smell like King Kong’s asshole.” – Snooki

“We should get fake boobs together.” – Snooki

“Good morning, Vincent. Good morning, Vincent’s beard.” – Pauly

“Italy’s like that big country…no, Europe’s like that big country! Then you have like Britain, England, and Italy.” – Snooki

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