Mike “The Situation”, Snooki, Deena, JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D and Vinny all have their own respective gameplans when it comes to Italy. After the Jersey Shore season 4 premiere, we got a hearty dose of what their Italian realities will look like.

Mike “The Situation”: Since he can’t speak Italian, Snooki seems like his best bet to get easily laid. But getting Snooki in the sack (again) won’t be easy. And that’s saying something.

Snooki: Trying to be Jersey’s Sweetheart in Italy is going to be tough while she finds herself in an unwitting love triangle. She also wants to exercise every single day, even if she can’t find a gym.

Deena: Miss D has set her sights on the lean DJ Pauly D. What seduction techniques will she use? And will he ever acquiesce?

JWoww: We saw her mention to Roger that she wants to maintain her newly toned figure. We also know she doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, and she’s surprisingly good at staying loyal in even the most precarious of situations. She might have the most fun in Italy. That is, if she can score the required amounts of bronzer she needs to stay alive.

Pauly D: He wants to DJ and avoid awkward flirting with Deena.

Vinny: Lording around his Italian language skills, he wants to prove that he’s the most authentic Italian there is. Which will be difficult since he’s about as authentic as Domino’s pizza. (Which I love, no hate!)

Sammi: Guilting Ronnie every chance she can, she seems to be gunning for the “most annoying cast member on any reality TV series” trophy.

Ronnie: Trying to be single Ronnie is his goal, but will he succeed in staying single?

All information here is what is hypothesized after seeing the first Jersey Shore season 4 episode. All goals are subject to change.

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