Snooki, Pauly D, Vinny, The Situation, Deena, JWoww, Ron and Sammi went to Italy with big dreams and lots of bronzer. And once they arrived in Florence, it was clear that this season is going to be dramatic. From all the information that got dropped in the Jersey Shore season 4 premiere, there were seven things that really stood out.

7. The producers purposefully had the girls and guys travel on different airplanes. Not only that, but they arranged for the girls to land in another city. This ensured the guys got to the Florence house first (they arrived in Florence with no need to get on a bus or train) and pick rooms. Pair this with the way the guys always put down the girls (i.e. “they can’t understand the directions whether they’re in Italian or English” to paraphrase one comment) and this show has a newly sexist vibe.

6. Snooki’s first outfit when she went out on the town was crazy. Black shag fur boots, a bow that reminded me of the one Minnie mouse wears, and leopard print fingerless gloves. It was a sight.

5. The camera went slow-mo to show the moment when Sam and Ron hugged. The entire Sam and Ronnie drama was played up the entire episode, but since there was only that one moment where the two really interacted, MTV decided to make it into a “moment.” Oh, for freaks sake.

4. It turned out that only Snooki and Pauly know how to drive a stick, so they’ll be the ones driving. In their first attempt, Snooki got lost and loses control of the car, meanwhile Pauly ran a red light and was told so by a cop. Sounds like a good start.

3. Mike confided in Ron that he’d hooked up with Snooki a few times. The most recent time had been while she’d had a boyfriend. Damn, girl.

2. While packing with her boyfriend in the room, Snooki held up a pair of underwear that said “I (heart) Vinny.”

1. Snooki is the new hot commodity in the house. She’s lost a little bit of weight, and is determined to work out every day. When she couldn’t get to the gym she just worked out in the house. The boys swarmed around her. Pauly took a seat to watch. And Vinny decided to walk over her, wearing just a towel. Later, Mike kept trying to get all up on Snooki in the club.

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