So what do you guys think of Jionni? Jersey Shore season 4 continues with the episode “Three Men and a Snooki.” Who are the three men? Pauly, Vinny and Mike? Where will Jionni and Ron fit in, huh?

Jersey Shore Episode Guide

Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 9 – Jersey Shore Three Men and a Snooki Summary: Snooki is devastated over herfight with Jionni, and decides to take a break from the relationship. Mike thinks it’s finally his chance to win her over, but it’s someone else who ends up comforting her. Meanwhile, Deena has a pregnancy scare.

Looks like Jionni is getting shoved out of the picture for not letting Snooki be herself. And if Mike isn’t the one to win Snooki over on her rebound, who is? Vinny? Could it finally be time for some Vinny/Snooki romance?

Original Air Date: September 29, 2011 on MTV