Jersey Shore “Fish Pump, Pushups, Chapstick” has left us with some serious stuff to discuss, guys. First off, what’s so wrong with chapstick?!

  • Is it ironic (and sad?) that Pauly and Vinny make fun of guidos that first pump (which they both do) work out a lot (which they both do) and wear chapstick when Pauly and Vinny are essentially cut from this same “guido” cloth?
  • Should Snooki be with Jionni? Does he sound controlling to you, or do you think he’s just insecure while Snooki’s in Italy?
  • Why is Mike being such a jerk to Snooki if he really likes her? Is he pulling her pigtails – I mean, poof?

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  • Is MTV wrong for showing a show where the people are smoking, getting into fights for no reason, in toxic relationships, drinking until they blackout, and stumbling around drunk all the time? Sure, it’s entertaining. And plenty of reality shows have the toxic relationship aspect. But do you know how those nature shows sometimes seem inhumane as they just observe the wild, even it it means letting an animal suffer from a sickness or be eaten by another? At what point do the producers need to step in and stop endorsing the cast’s willingness to sabotage and risk their lives by drinking dangerously?
  • How is it that JWoww always has solid relationships, and yet her opening snippet line is about how she’ll bite a guys head off after she has sex with them? She’s one of the most monogamous people on any reality tv show!
  • Are Ronnie and Sammi codependent or are they codependent?

Jersey Shore season 4 Episode 6 ‘Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick’

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