I’ll miss you Jersey Shore, see you next summer!

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It’s our last visit to the Jersey Shore for this summer and we come back to the Sammi-Ron Ron drama. Arvin has just told Ron Ron that he and Sammi used to hook up and Ron Ron goes outside immediately to ask Sammi what’s going on. Sammi goes inside to talk to Arvin on the phone while Ron Ron hangs around waiting for an answer. While Ron Ron is hanging around, Mike (Sitch) is constantly in Ron Ron’s ear stirring the situation. I love the Jersey Shore, but I’m starting to hate The Situation, who’s with me? Everyone in the kitchen makes like they’re busy, it’s an awkward situation, sitch, and you’re making it worse. Arvin keeps saying they made out and Sammi keeps saying they didn’t. Things don’t end well for Sammi, Ron Ron doesn’t believe her and Sitch is just stirring away. DJ Pauly D says”it’s going to be an interesting dinner” and by interesting he of course means awkward and unbearable.

The rest of the house are preparing the last Sunday dinner and they are worried that the sentiment of it being the last one of the summer is going to be lost amongst all the drama. Deena says that they should just act as if none of the drama is going on, everyone agrees with Deena. Good work Deena. The spread looks good and they sit down to eat. They toast to the summer and talk about the bbq that Dean (the t shirt store guy) is throwing tomorrow for everyone.

Ron Ron and Sammi talk outside, Ron Ron just wants to know the truth. Sammi finally admits that she did hook up with Arvin, but two years ago, which I think is fair enough though it doesn’t escape from the fact that she hit him up once she left the house and Ron Ron a few weeks ago. Still something a little shady going on. Sammi apologises to Ron Ron and he says that she needs to fix things or walk away.

It’s the next morning and Ron Ron, Vinny and Snooki have their last day of work. Controversially, Ron Ron is wearing a shirt from a competing t shirt store on the boardwalk. None of the Jersey Shore feel like working and Ron Ron is actually just lying on the counter. Day’s over.

Back at the house and Pauly D throws some insight on how he styles himself, he starts from the bottom up, the shoes, basing the outfit on the kicks. He asks Deena “Do you feel me?”, she feels him. Pauly D is DJing tonight with two of his friends, and Deena is inviting a few friends too, I feel this is foreshadowing.

We’re at the bbq and everyone’s there, friends and family. Vinny’s uncle Nino, JWoww’s dad and boyfriend, Deena’s best friend, Snooki’s best friend (wait, weren’t Deena and Snooki best friends?)… everyone is there. JWoww’s Roger meets her dad, and it’s awkward but not too awkward.

Vinny and Ron Ron start pulling shapes on the dance floor and everyone is starting to get down, especially Deena and Vinny’s Uncle Nino. Vinny takes a shining to Deena’s friend Lisa, and Deena comes in with the cock block for Snooki. Good work Deena, but Snooki says they can hook up if they want to, she’ll get over it. Good work Snooki, but Deena is still rocking the cock block.

Ron Ron and Sammi have a talk at the party, Sammi says that if Ron Ron is friends with Sitch she can’t deal with it. I guess she won’t be dealing with it then. The Jersey Shore leave the party, via shuttle, and come back to the house.

Vinny is mad with Deena and she asks Pauly D why. Pauly D says he won’t say why Vinny is angry because he isn’t a gossip and then I swear he looks over to the kitchen at Sitch after he says that (yeaaaah Pauly!). Vinny doesn’t elaborate but then comes out with “I thought you weren’t another Angelina”, whoa Vinny, them be fighting words. Everyone knows what that means and Deena is downright upset at the comparison, understandably. Pauly tries to turn the situation to his advantage and take Lisa to his room, Deena is having none of it, has one final cock block and takes Lisa with her to her room.

The boys say Lisa was just trying to have a good time. Lisa and Deena are in Deena’s room and Lisa decides to explain to Deena why they called her Angelina, because she was being “a f*ckin cock block”. Yeah Lisa, way to point out the obvious to your best friend. Deena gets even more upset and goes back to the living room to confront the boys (a whole lot of confrontin’ going on in this episode). Things are turning a little sour at the last week of the Jersey Shore house.

It’s the morning, and Sitch is apologising to Sammi. Well done Sitch. Sammi still doesn’t know if she can trust Sitch, but she hugs it out with him anyways. Deena is awake and says ‘Hi Vin’ nonchalantly, I guess she’s just trying to gloss over the situation, but Vinny’s having none of it.

The gang go out dinner at Rivolis and tensions are high between Deena and Vinny, (or at least that’s how the editing is looking). Deena decides to make the peace with a toast thanking them for being so welcoming and such a great summer.

Back at the house and everyone’s getting ready to go out. Snooki is practising cartwheels, flashing Pauly D in the process, but don’t worry you can’t see it that bad… Snooki does some testing out in front of the mirror, everything is a-ok. Let’s go out, and one final time: CABS IS HERE!!!!!!

At Karma and everyone is getting down. JWoww and Roger meet up and they start to discuss ‘them’. Roger is intent on figuring out the label, JWoww is pretty nervous about the talk. They decide that they are ‘Boyfiend/Girlfriend’, and with that JWoww is off the market, boys.

Snooki sees her boy that looked after her the other week when she fell over, and she is DTF (just to end the summer right.) They go back to the house and Snooki makes them grilled cheese and then its off to the smush room to get it in.

Back at the club, and Sammi is with her guy friends, doesn’t seem like the smartest idea ever. Lo and behold, Sammi and Ron Ron get into a fight over it and Ron Ron walks off. JWoww wants to spoon, Roger wants to fork, I like this kid. Hey, JWoww? I approve.

Sammi is drunk so this can only lead to bad times between Sammi and Ron Ron. Sammi walks back by herself. Ron Ron goes to bed and Sammi decides to ask “Why do you hate me so much?” Ish is going down, again, still, ongoing. I won’t go into details because it is exactly the same things they’ve always been saying. It goes on for a while, Ron Ron emerges a little tearful, again.

MORNINGS IS HERE! Everyone’s conquests from the night before leave the house and it’s just our Jersey Shore crew left. Crews is chilling in the living room watching JWoww’s dog take a dump on the carpet, Sitch says that the carpet reminds him of Sammi and Ron Ron. Upstairs, Sammi and Ron Ron are talking over things, again. Sammi apologises for her drunken fighting last night and says Ron Ron is her best friend and that she loves him. Ron Ron wants to know when Sammi shows him that she loves him and wants to be with him. Sammi wants to stay friend with Ron Ron if nothing else stays the same, Ron Ron doesn’t know what he wants to do. Sammi asks are they together or are they single, Ron Ron just wants his space. Sammi’s confused and asks Ron Ron if it’s over, he replies “Yeah.” Well, I shall take that with a pinch of salt.

Sitch is making breakfast for the last time and everyone gets down to eat. After breakfast, the Jersey Shore starts to pack up. Pauly D shouts out “This is not a good time!” as he packs. Sammi is the first to leave, and then Ron Ron. Snooki says that if she has to choose between Ron Ron and Sammi coming back she’d choose Ron Ron, but don’t tell Sammi that. Well Snooks, best not put that out there on TV, but whatevs. Vinny says goodbye to Deena and then Snooki. I really want something to happen there and maybe they do too, we’ll see. Sitch goes and then JWoww, who says she’s leaving the best summer of her life, yeeeah buddy. This is repeated by pretty much everyone at the Shore. You can what you want about this show and the people, but I think these guys are for the most part pretty good people. I’ll miss you Jersey Shore, see you next summer!

Written by Polly Holton. Find her on Twitter @pollyrocket

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