Everything feels a little more real when it’s uncensored. Trust me.

I know you’ve been missing your Jersey Shore fix! Well, it’s Tee-Shirt time again.We have the details about the Jersey Shore season 3 DVD release date and a peek into what this uncensored DVD set will offer. I have to tell you, the deleted scenes are priceless and a must-see for any fan. I have no idea why they cut so many funny things. (Head down to my Extended Scenes review to read why I love them, and who Snook’s doctor is.)

While Jersey Shore season 4 begins soon, you can’t forget how much fun season 3 was. And now you can relive those moments with the Jersey Shore season 3 DVD. The release date is Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

You’ll get four disc’s of 13 episodes (uncensored episodes, I must emphasize) and the Jersey Shore season 3 special features include extended scenes, deleted scenes, the reunion special, three of the after hours specials, and the behind-the-scenes look of a Jersey Shore cast photo shoot.)

To jog your memory, season 3 is when we first met Deena and she dropped her drawers for Mike, JWoww pee’d behind everything, the toilet was stopped up forever, prank wars, Crocadilly was hung off the roof, Snooki and Deena were sent on a wild cab drive, Vinny and Snooki had romantic drama, and Sammi fled home. Yea buddy, it was a good summer at the shore.

Don’t be a snob, this reality TV show is hilarious. It’s easy to watch (okay, sometime’s it’s a little gross…) and somehow, these dramatic characters end up being pretty damn likeable. Returning to these episodes and to new seasons is like coming back to school after the summer.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Extras Reviewed

Reunion Special

You KNOW you want to see what happened after the finale. Reunion specials are de rigeur for the best reality shows, and I would never miss a Jersey Shore reunion special. With them, things are always changing.

After Hour Specials: (Disc One: Free Snooki, Disc Two: Cabs Are Here, Disc Three: A Cheesy Situation,

The first special on disc one is the one that followed the episode about JWoww seeing her boyfriend has stolen her stuff, left her dogs alone in no air conditioning. I was LIVID when I saw JWoww’s boyfriend, Tom, had done this. JWoww dished on more details about this horrible affair.

Say whatever you want about Jersey Shore, but Snooki and JWoww have one of the strongest female friendships we’ve seen that isn’t scripted.

Every time I hear DJ Pauly D say “Yeaaa, buddy” it warms my heart. What can I say? I also loved when a fan questioned JWoww and Ron about a possible future relationship between the two. You’ll have to watch the DVD to see. These after hour specials also have Vinny and Snooki talking about the times they didn’t smoosh, and The Situation talking about why he’s the prank master.

Behind-the-Scenes at the Photo Shoot

This is the Okay Photo Shoot of them on Carousels (etc) in Seaside New Jersey. Music plays as you see the shoot going on, and the cast talks to the camera. I wish it was a little less of them showing us how the people posed for the camera and a little more of seeing the cast talking, caught unawares.

Extended Scenes

In “Plant Therapy” Snooki talks to a plant she has named Dr. Steinberg. How could they cut this! She visits this plant at the club all the time to talk, and she’s introduced her friends to him. “We basically air our dirty¬† laundry to the plant,” Jwoww explains. When they leave they say, “Thank you, Dr. Steinberg.” It’s so cute.

In “Grenade Gear” … this is another priceless bit they cut for who knows why, Mike tries to lend JWoww a shirt. Oh, man.

One of Jenni’s dog’s gets dressed up in “My Bad, Dog” and it’s so adorable I want to take a screencap of it and make it my desktop background. That’s not weird…right?

We get to witness how pathetic Emilio is in “Boardwalk Run In.” This clip also gives us the gem of Snooki predicting the future about women cutting off men’s equipment, and Deena saying, “I’m DEENA, bitch!” Priceless.

In “Snooks Cooks” Snooki gets quoteable about what would happen with her on a deserted island if she had a hot dog.

Hook Ups

These show us the hook-up’s that almost happened. Jenni was after Pauly! A lesbian wanted Snooki. Standard stuff.


There are a bunch of these, but there’s one I especially liked. In it, Snooki gives a long confessional where she impersonates everyone in the house. Turns out she thinks Pauly has a better situation than The Situation himself. Snooki even says her over sound effects i.e. “Crickets!”

The one thing I disliked here is that there is no “watch all” option.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the DVD in order to review it.

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