Snooki is undeniably one of the favorite personalities from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Let’s take a closer look at her finest shining moments from the most recent episode, shall we?

  • As Snooki wandered down a cobblestoned street in Italy and past a church, a priest called out for her to “please cover your body when you walk by the church.” She was wearing a miniskirt (minidress?) and there was a hell of a lot of cleavage going on. But, no one tells Snooki what to do (except, apparently, Jionni) so she called out that the priest was an “asshole!”

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  • Explaining how little she cares what people think of her she matter-of-factly said, “I peed my pants in public and I’m still not embarrassed.”
  • Always a loyal friend, Snooki had Deena’s back in the club when someone threw a drink at D. But the fight escalated and Snooki and Deena ended up fighting each other by mistake, pulling each other’s hair. Hey, it happens. Well, it happens if you’re drunk and willing to fight….

jersey shore season 4 episode 6

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