The “Free Vinny” episode of Jersey Shore did successfully bring Vinny back to seaside. But plenty of other things went on in the episode.

Vinny is the Source of Power

All anyone could talk about (aka whine, moan, complain) was Vinny. We learned that he’d been gone about a week. Which is like, forever, dudes. And without Vinny everyone else was getting depressed. When they called him, he didn’t want to come back. So they decided (naturally) to go to his house and kidnap him.

To be fair, before they charged in like a swat team, they asked if he was ready to come back. After showing them all his new tattoo (across the chest: Let go…and let God) he said he was ready. And back to the shore he goes. As his Mother waved goodbye, Vinny remarked he was hoping to get laid that night. Maybe God will help with that?

The Birthday Party

The party planning had totally “stressed” Snooki out, even though she got to wear a bunny costume and hump Deena in a party store. And although the girls were hating on Mike, they’d planned the party for both Pauly and Mike. The decorations were lame, but there were fake cakes for strippers to jump out of, so everyone was preeeetty happy. Mike ended up taking one of the strippers home. But she annoyed him by wanting matching white socks (how dare she! but also, that’s a bit OCD), so he didn’t sleep with her. Reasonable. Maybe he just wanted any reason not to betray Paula. That’s almost sweet. Almost.


Snooki bought the bunny costume, and brought it home to liven up the house. She wore it while jumping out of the bathroom to surprise Jenni. Seeing a short meatball in a costume like that does really make you smile.

Additionally, Deena wore a pair of butterfly wings as part of her clubbing attire. So, that’s a thing now.

New Roommates

Danny came in to complain that they were down a worker at the Shore store. Even though Vinny might come back, he was pissed. He put up signs for a new worker to come live in the house. Everyone was upset. They didn’t want a new roommate. If you think you would meet these guys and they’d be nice to you, think again. They don’t like new people. In the end, Danny looks like a total jerk. Vinny leaves for medical reasons and you’re ready to replace him? What about when Sammi left because of her breakup with Ron?

  • Mike is getting more serious about Paula. When the ultimate act of gracious hosting is to call someone for a cab, he’s thinking about being her boyfriend. Does he know that means she won’t leave at the crack of dawn every day?
  • Sammi got into a fight when someone pulled her brand new weave. She said she was taught to “self defend” herself. Still, hard not to cheer for her.
  • The stripper’s pimp called himself, or his company, “Wizard of Ass.”
  • When Snooki and Jionni see each other, it takes less than three minutes before they go to the smush room for the night. This annoys some of the roomies.
  • Deena called Ronnie’s friend to be her date. He got laid.
  • As mentioned above, Deena continues to “do sex.” She also wears pigtails and reminds me of Punky Brewster in the style department. (This is not a compliment.)

So, Vinny’s back. Mike’s acting nicer. And Snooki has a new bunny costume. That’s really all that happened of importance in this episode.