Snooki surprised us all by making actual pizza at O’Vesuvio pizzeria in Florence. What other tricks is she possibly hiding? We’ve already hypothesized she might be an undercover journalist/feminist. On the Jersey Shore: ITALY edition she hasn’t revealed that, but she did reveal a new workout plan earlier on. What’s NEXT?

Previously on…The Jersey Shore season 4, the gangĀ  arrived in Italia, The Situation is kind of interested in Snooks and they hooked up over the summer and The Situation wants to go back for more and tries to hook up with her at the club, only problem is…Snooks has a boyfriend this time around. Now it’s time to GET CRAZY GET WILD…

This episode starts where the last one ended, with Deena and Pauly D hooking up! Everyone screams and Deena reveals her game plan to us, hook up a few times, snuggle and maybe his italian sausage can go in her BEEP (seriously they beeped it out). Elsewhere in the club, Sitch is all over Snooks and it is creeping EVERYONE out.

Snooks has got Deena’s back and says to Pauly that he should ‘get intimate’ (and im putting that VERY nicely) with Deena. Gentleman that he is, Pauly D says he probably will but he feels bad because he doesn’t want Deena to catch feelings and get upset when he hooks up with other girls. He just doesn’t want her to cry and end up having feelings, it’s almost romantic. Snooks doesn’t want Pauly and Deena to be like her and Vinny.

Now Pauly’s on the dancefloor dancing with another girl while Deena tries to catch his attention, before Deena can cockbock JWoww takes her out the way and everyone goes home.

They’re back at the house, Deena falls down and JWoww’s looking for the nearest toilet as she doesn’t want to ‘piss in public…again’ (but that’s why we love you, your little face popping up over the bar back in Karma while you were doing your business remains a highlight of last season for me J-Wizzle (hahaha)!)

Deena’s playing with a puppet and Ronnie’s on the phone with his friend Hannah. Apparently Hannah has helped Ronnie get through the whole Sammi situation, in what ways, we don’t know…

Sammi stacks it down the stairs, but she was chatting to Deena at the time so maybe Deena transferred some clumsy. Deena’s looking for a spoon, Vinny jokes that Pauly may be able to help with a spoon. Everyone’s going to bed, Deena and Pauly go to bed alone, Deena tries to wake up Pauly and he pretends to be asleep…”This Is Not A Good Time”- Deena.

It’s morning time and Pauly’s got the wake up horn out doing what he does best, shouting and being funny. The rest of the house love this, clearly.

Vinny, Sitch, Pauly D and Deena hit the grocery store for Sunday Lunch, Italian style. Deena is shocked that everything is in another language, nothing is in English surprisingly…in Italy. Deena tries to say nice to meet you in Italian, but it ends up sound cockney, luv.

Sammi nominates her and Deena to cook, uneasy glances from the boys but they agree. Sammi is going to make ‘her own concoction’, she starts off not being able to get the knife out the block. Deena suggests a glass of wine while they cook, Sammi is down.

Talk turns to last nights adventures, Deena is proud that she did not fall, well she did. No denying it really, it was caught on camera. I’m starting to get a little scared about the girls cooking as Deena just got some dishwasher liquid out and Sammi doesn’t know what raspberries are. JWoww looks on cautiously. All three are a little peckish (not that they’re cooking or anything) and decide to go out for some food and finish it later…but wait, their’s foam leaking out the dishwasher, RUH-ROH!

The boys are ready for food and Ronnie goes into the kitchen, spotting the foam on the floor. R-Dawg just dabs it with some kitchen towel and the boys decide to cook instead, because to be fair no one would eat, or eat safely, if they didn’t.

The girls come back and are mad that the boys have cooked. Snooki has been sleeping all day, no one even realised she was in. After some questionable cooking methods (Deena adds pasta to the water BEFORE it boils, nbd) the family sit down for Sunday lunch.

Snooki is on the phone to her boyfriend, Jionni and he is not happy that he hasn’t spoken to her in a while. Sitch rocks in, ready to dish out some relationship advice for Snooki, again RUH-ROH. Snook is upset after talking to Jionni and Sitch is there with a loving cuddle, slash coming onto her. Sitch is glad that Snooks came to her in her time of need, though I seem to recall Sitch was just hanging around while Snooks was on the phone and then jumped in…

Vinny gets a call from Marco, the boss, about orientation at the shore’s new job at a pizzeria. The group get lost and are late. Despite being in Florence, Deena and JWoww believe they just walked past the Vatican, I actually think its that library from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…(nerd alert)

Back at the pizzeria, JWoww is psyched to learn how to make real Italian pizza in Italy because when she is 80 years old and her kids ask her where she learnt how to make pizza she’s gonna say ‘Bitch, I learnt how to make pizza in Florence, so shut your mouth and eat your pizza’. Oh JWoww, you’re just great.

Snooks gets singled out for the demonstration and everything goes as you expected. The language barrier is starting to be a little bit of a problem and hilarity ensues. Snooks actually ends up making a decent pizza and the rest of the group are encouraged, cause if Snooks can, they can.

JWoww is making coffee, like actually making it. She’s going through the various utensils in the kitchen, it seems like a bit of chore and the end result isn’t great.

It’s time to go out, and everyones getting ready. Fresh kicks, fake boobs and tan, the shore are ready for Florence and they’re going to Astor tonight. As soon as Sitch walks in this beautiful, no wait not beautiful, cute (Sitch’s words not mine) starts speaking to him. Luckily she’s American, no language barrier this time. Sitch asks the group if the girl he’s with is hot, not always a good sign Mikey, but he perseveres.

Ron Ron is doing shots, dancing and having a good time. Sammi looks on from afar and Ron Ron reveals to JWoww that he’s having Hannah, his back up chick, to stay in three weeks. JWoww tells the group but not Sammi (she’s gonna find out though) and things are going to go down…in the future.

Ron Ron is getting is Single Ronnie drunk on. He’s on ‘rare form’ and he starts giving Sammi some attitude and JWoww takes the words out of my mouth, something is going to go down. No one wants to deal with Sammi and Ronnie fighting again, Sammi gets a little emotional, Ron Ron carries on drunkenly on the dancefloor.

Sitch is taking the ‘cute’ blonde home, Ron Ron falls over and gets up like nothings happened. Sly. Deena and Sammi are walking home when Sammi spots some Italian police and urges Deena to act normal. Everythings going okay until they get into the house and Deena takes a tumble. Standard.

Vinny and Snooki are in the kitchen when Sitch brings the ‘cute’ blonde home, Snooks doesn’t exactly take a shine to ‘cute’ blonde and asks Vinny if she is prettier than the ‘cute’ blonde, Vinny comes back with the right answer, ‘yes’.

Sitch gets it in and then calls her a taxi, classy. Snooks talks to Sitch about the girl, Sitch is putting some feelings out there. Its drunkenly awkward and for once Snooks has the sober(er) upper hand. Snooks is playing the friend card, really hard but Sitch is pushing it. Stop it now. Some meaningful looks, some moody music and its an ad break.

Morning and its laundry and food time, sans Ron Ron and Snooks. Sitch turns the talk to last night specifically Ronnie and Sammi. Vinny is done with them when they’re drunk cause they are a bad time, we agree Vins. Sitch stirs it up and put Ron on blast about ‘all the girls’ he’s got coming to the house, oh Sitch you stirrer you. Everyone’s a little silent, Sitch tries to back track, Sammi vows to not let it get to her. Please stay strong girl.

Ronnie and Vinny share some moments in the jacuzzi together. Ronnie realises that this could be really romantic given the right people, well Ronnie and Vinny are in there right now, being pushed together by the jets, I think its sweet.

Deena goes to bed, and Sitch comes to snuggle. Deena’s not having any of it, good for you Deenz. Someones trying to make Snooks jealous…

Next day and the guys and gals go to get food. They’re at a rooftop restaurant and its so beautiful, Snooks loves ‘Rome! Wait no, I mean Italy!’. Snooks, you love Florence but we love you anyway. The gang are throwing some facts about Italy out, most are wrong. Pauly tells Sitch that Deena told them about Sitch trying to get into bed and snuggle with Deena. Tensions rise, wires are crossed. Sitch denies trying to snuggle, again ITS ON CAMERA SITCH WE KNOW IT HAPPENED WE SAW IT HAPPEN. Ish is going down, Deena is mad at Pauly putting her on blast, to be fair Pauly, bad show.

And its time to go out again. JWoww asks if Snooks is going out too, Snooks replies a little annoyed leading JWoww to chide her ‘don’t use that tone’ oh JW you make me smile. Pauly is making puppet pinocchio fist pump, (okay Pauly, you’re back in my good books) and Deena asks him if he knows why she got mad. He knows, he apologies, Pauly’s golden again. He even buys Deena a bracelet, yeah buddy.

Hit the club and we’re on the dancefloor. Deena falls over on the dancefloor. Everybody’s fist pumping, doing shots, dancing and having a good time. Pauly D warns Vinny that the girls are young out here, looking after your boy. Sammi and Ronnie are dancing, Sammi is effed up and falls over. Sammis is drunk and wants to chat about relationships, this is going to be good slash bad. Deena is trying to lead Sammi away, ish has slightly gone down. Ronnie walks off, Sammi’s upset.

On the walk home, Pauly D, Vinny and Ronnie play “If she has…she’s too young for you bro”, it’s fairly amusing. Sitch is on the phone to his plan b, the ‘cute’ blonde from earlier. He arranges a little sleep over.

Deena sits on Pauly’s knee, Vinny goes to bed. Pauly gets up, Deena is dee-nied. Sammi and Ronnie are drunk in the kitchen chowing down. Sammi wants to go to bed and cuddle, Ronnie is a little wary. Angsty music plays, I thought we were done with SamRon…

Next time?

  1. Deena’s Italian man mission, things turn sour.
  2. Sitch has some twins, Deena takes one of the twins.
  3. Snooks find out Sitch told people about them hooking up.


Written by: Polly Holton

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