jersey shore mtv

Despite Pizza Hut pulling sponsorship from MTV during the time Jersey Shore airs, MTV will probably not be pulling this show from the air for a very, very long time. The reason? Everyone’s watching. Even I watched an episode.  On Friday (Dec 18th) there were 2.5 million viewers (according to for the show.

The show’s also had an 85% increase in young viewers from the series premiere.

Jersey Shore was the #1 cable show in its time period with females aged 12-34 and the 11 p.m. repeat of the show is up as well!

I’d say it’s bad that more young people are watching, but I’m not sure it’s a bad influence more than anything else on TV is a bad influence.

Even Dax Shepard is a fan of the show, posting videos of Snookie on his Twitter account.

Dax Shepard: I find myself having to pause J-Shore often to give myself little pep talks. Like, “there’s no way “Snooker’s mom is watching.”

He posted the below video link which seems to be Snookie’s YouTube account before the show aired. She has a new Youtube account ‘Snook TV’ and she makes a public announcement (with tons of attitude)  in her last video there, saying how she uses her new channel and has been getting tons of friend requests and messages that she won’t check, basically unless you go to her new channel. She’s her own damn publicist. Ugh, please stop being famous now.