Amidst many changes for season 6, there are several things on Jersey Shore that you can count on.

What’s the same at the Jersey Shore:

  • Ron patronizes Sam, belittling her about anything and everything. They fight a lot.
  • Ron still gets wasted.
  • There’s lots of talk of “my girl” and “your girl” between the MVP group, who never need actual names for these disposable girls.
    GTL, of course.
  • Pauly and Vinny are still bros.
  • The duck phone.
  • Mike will always cook big dinners.
  • Jenni will always have thoughts on Ron/Sam.

But what’s new?

What’s new on the Jersey Shore:

  • Deena has a boyfriend now. Named Chris. And she’s a stage five clinger.  Which might be why she hasn’t had much luck with love before. She cries when he leaves for the night. Even while he’s still there.
  • Mike is sober. And he’s really excited about being sober.
  • Snooki is engaged and pregnant. And moves out of the house. She also doesn’t go to clubs with everyone.
  • Mike and Vinny might become actual friends.

Photo Credit: MTV

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