Did you see all the clues? We provide the damning Jersey Shore season 5 quotes. You provide the fake surprise.

After watching the final episode of Jersey Shore season 5, it’s evident that there’s truth to the rumors about the Jersey Shore cast almost being fired.

Why the Jersey Shore Cast (was almost) Fired Clues

  • Vinny raised a glass in a toast and pointedly asked, “Let’s seriously do it again next summer?”
  • The entire cast seemed like they were possibly saying goodbye to the viewers forever and made special pains to sound like they were for sure coming back – almost like they hoped it couldn’t be edited out and they’d be safe.
  • “I think Sam and I are going to do very well after we leave the Shore house.” – Ron

More Jersey Shore Quotes below.

  • There were allusions to a wedding between Ron and Sam.
  • Mike became sitchastramous and saw into the future. Like a final ending.
  • “We will always be a family. So to me, this is not a ‘goodbye,’ it’s more like ‘I’ll see you later.'” – Jenni
  • “What’ I’ve been dying to know for the last three summers is ‘are Jenni’s boobs real?'” – Mike the Situation
  • “I’m definitely going to miss the short house a lot. But I would have to say, The Situation has made his mark.” – Mike
  • “I’ll even miss Mike being a little looney sometimes.” – Deena
  • “That was a really good time.” – Deena
  • “Cheers party house. See you, next summer, I feel.” – Snooki, looking suspiciously worried. (No lie, go re-watch this part!)
  • “Goodbye smush (room), goodbye STDS, ’till next year…” – Snooki
  • “Duck phone, I’m gonna miss you a lot. But I promise you that I’ll be back next year.” – Snooki
  • “I can do this forever, every summer until I’m like 90 years old.” – Snooki

Add that all together, and tell us whether or not you think this cast had any foreknowledge that they were skating on thin ice and had the idea of a real goodbye in their heads as they said this stuff.