When The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Will Smith) rapped, it was endearing. Something feels a little less fresh about Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” releasing a rap album.

Mike told PopEater that he’s working on some remixes, and soon will release a full album (sorry, our eyes just rolled onto the floor.) We predict that people will be curious enough to listen to it on Youtube, or even download it from a Torrent, but as for actually purchasing the album and him making money from this? It seems unlikely. He should have tried writing a book instead. (Oh wait, looks like he IS doing that, too.)

“It’s The Situation – the man, the myth, the legend.” Really, he’s a legend now? While some might recognize the phase as a popular one that people employ as a joke, we truly believe that he meant what he said. And from his cocky attitude it’s hard to think there’s anything he doesn’t believe he can do. Even though he admits he’s not a rapper, he plans on very hopefully putting out a rap album.

last month a local DJ in my town of Toms River NJ said that “The Situation”‘s management kept calling him and begging him to play this loser’s song. the DJ said on air and told the manager that there was no way he would play The Situation’s song. – commenter, Chris on the PopEater post

Other clues he’s very possibly whacked out of his mind? He talks in the third person, his abs have become more famous than him – a fact he doesn’t mind, and he says of Jersey Shore, “It’s just an awesome show.”

When asked if he’d show his abs to the camera, he said he was warming them up and was only showing them during selective moments. What he doesn’t realize is that reality stars need to grab all the fame they can in their extended 15 minutes, because in a year from now people might stop bothering to ask. And boy, wouldn’t that situation be grim for him?