The new show Chase on NBC is going to make sure that this Fall you really get down examining to your fight or flight instincts. Read on if you’re ready to run. And if not, can we intimidate you into reading it anyway?

Kelli Giddish in Chase / NBC

Chase is a new show heading to NBC’s this fall that will give us a pretty bounty hunter type with a dark past. Yes, we know how that sounds. But don’t give up on it yet.  Kelli Giddish stars as US Marshal Annie Frost, and she can track down just about any outlaw. So don’t try to hide from her. Giddish says, “I’ve never done a lot of stunts, but in this? This first week….I was kicking and punching and blocking,  and  it was great. Boom!” (We feel the same sense of accomplishment while playing Wii boxing!)

Chase: Kelli Giddish

Jerry Bruckheimer is the series producer for Chase. The tagline for the show seems appropriate, knowing he’s at the helm. Ahem: Jump aboard this rollercoaster ride. It’s all about the thrill of the chase. He says that, “This is something we haven’t ever done, ever. It kinda reminds me how we started CSI.”

Chase video trailers:

Fighting on the Job
For Chase star Kelli Giddish, punching, kicking, and fighting are all in a day’s work.

Bruckheimer Cuts to the Chase
Series creator Jerry Bruckheimer reveals a few thoughts on what makes Chase work. (The clip from the show in this promo is really good.)

Catching a Crook
Sometimes rounding up a criminal means disrupting a cattle drive.

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