On The Bachelor  last night (June 4, 2012) Ryan was revealed to be a manipulative jerk.

For the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, our dear Emily Maynard wore a one shouldered white jumpsuit, which I wish had been a dress. Luckily, we didn’t see the bottom half too much. (Listen, it’s hard for anyone to rock a white jumpsuit!)

Ryan was overly confident about his connection with Emily, and it’s begun to tick some people off (like Arie, and me!) In their alone time, Ryan grilled her and taunted her again about not keeping her hands to herself. “I personally feel that God has blessed me in a lot of ways.” He turned the tables on her and asked why she was worthy. Basically, he wants to be The Bachelor and have all the power. She was so relieved when Arie came to steal her. (So was I!)

Arie was smart when he said, “I don’t think Ryan really cares about Emily’s happiness. I’m protective of her, because I don’t want to see her hurt.” Ryan is threatened by Arie/Emily, as he well should be. When she was alone with Arie, she seemed so much more relaxed and flirty. She even admitted that when she’s alone, he’s the guy she thinks of. That’s a huge admission. He’s basically her favorite!

“I just don’t see Arie as a threat,” Ryan told the camera, as he stewed in jealousy. (Seriously, be more transparent, why don’t you?) “I feel like I’m called to something bigger…” He even confided that he’d love to be “Bachelor Ryan.” He’s totally not in this for Emily, and it’s sick. He would be an awful Bachelor. And it worries me, because I bet ABC would love to put someone controversial like that in the spotlight, for the ratings. Sigh.

He wasn’t sent home, but Emily told Chris Harrision that she knows he’s trying to manipulate her. At least she’s aware.