Here’s the thing, we have an unstoppable, boundless love for Jennifer Love Hewitt. So, right off the bat please make note of two things: Even if you think her hair has looked better on other occasions, or you have zero intention of watching her guilty-pleasure new Lifetime movie The Client List– you should still watch this interview she did with Jay Leno. If nothing else, you need to watch it to see her do the most hilarious valley girl impersonation.

Hewitt and Leno have probably done a gazillion interviews together over the past 10+ years, and it shows. If Miley Cyrus wanted a role model for how to be goofy and weird and fun without becoming any sort of tabloid joke, this is who she should look to. (Experience? Hewitt has been in the entertainment industry since the late 1980’s.)

What are the odds that Jay Leno will watch The Client List or read “The Day I Shot Cupid”? Probably none. But he never insults the material, and Hewitt is aware that she can’t sell the material to him like some serious, desperate actress. She’s just having fun. This is an entertaining interview that covers the topics it needs to without seeming dry, the conversation flows, and Hewitt is very well-spoken – never meek.While not a comic, Hewitt has a great sense of humor that she injects into what is an ideal interview.

There’s a Very Scandalous List in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Future

She spoke candidly and animatedly about People Magazine calling her “fat”, posing for the new People cover in a bikini, emotional eating, men who text flirt,vajazzling (time to add this word to our Computer Dictionary?) and why she shouldn’t have written about it, plus – monkies!

On what she did after People called her fat:

“I was hungry. (Laughs) I got hungry!”

On her favorite junk food:

“Krispy Kreme! Yea. … Pizza’s so good. In & Out Burgers are amazing.”

On wearing high heels on a trampoline:

“I had read this thing where Mariah Carey did this…”

On why texting is dangerous:

“First of all guys, we know that you’re texting us while  your date has gone to the bathroom.”

Video after the jump.

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