Inside you’ll find tons of pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List TV show (2012) from Lifetime.

The Client List is about a single Mom in Texas who works at a day spa only to realize it’s also double as a brothel.

The Client List was also a made-for-TV movie on Lifetime.

THE CLIENT LIST episode 1 – “The Rub of Sugarland”

More of The Client List pics below.

jennifer love hewitt

In the movie, the wife was not a single Mom.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been working in showbiz since she was a kid.

Sofia Vergara yelled a lot on SNL, made everyone google Fran Drescher

Her character in this TV show is named Riley Parks. In the movie her name was Samantha Horton.

An upcoming 2012 project for Jennifer Love Hewitt is the romantic comedy, “Jewtopia.”

Cybil Shepard returns as the Mother to Jennifer Love’s character.