jennifer lopezSNL mocked Undercover Boss via “Undercover Celebrity Boss” – because everything seems to get revamped when a CELEB can get involved. The Martha Stewart bit where she says “Because I’m Martha F*&king Stewart” seemed to have garnered the most laughs of the night. But right before that, I laughed at the Olsen Twins bit. “We’re just a couple of normal sized warehouse workers”. …I miss that show “The Simple Life”.

What can I say about Jennifer Lopez’s hosting and singing duties for the night… it wasn’t pretty. I’m sorry, Jenny from the block, but maybe you can’t have it all. People on twitter (including me) were mocking your vocal performance and lyrics, and your new movie looks beyond horrible. People will see it for your costar, and only if he’s shirtless.

Watch “Undercover Celebrity Boss”: Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are going undercover.