If you’ve watched even one episode of Dancing with the Stars this season, you must be aware that Jennifer Grey has numerous injuries. Some call her whiny. But could any of these injuries prevent her from winning? More than that, are the injuries so severe that she stop dancing?

jennifer grey dancing with the stars

  • Chronic neck problems due to a car accident with Matthew Broderick that happened in Northern Ireland in 1987.
  • A compressed spinal cord which led to a titanium plate put in her neck right before DWTS.
  • White spot on her thyroid that was removed and was cancerous. Not currently an issue, as it was luckily removed in time.
  • A pinched nerve in her foot.
  • A partial torn knee tendon.
  • A patellar tendonitis aka “jumpers knee.”

According to Orthopedics.About.com treatment for paterllar tendonitis is, “Rest. The most important first step in treatment is to avoid activities that aggravate the problem. Your body is the best guide to know how much to rest the injured knee–if an activity hurts in the area of the injured patellar tendon, then you should rest from that activity.” Basically, Jennifer Grey is doing the opposite of what Doctor’s would recommend. Pain is how your body communicates to you, and it’s not saying “push past this and ignore this feeling!”

Is winning the mirror ball trophy worth the pain? Does she really need this “I’m so tough, I can get through this” attitude? With all of these issues, can should she really go all out and dance her best? Time will tell. But we’d suggest Jennifer Grey book a ticket to Hawaii for a super long (endless?) vacation where she’s carried around by muscly men at all times.

(Sources: DWTS episodes and the Jennifer Grey Wiki.)